About Beneficiary

Roșiori de Vede City Hall is a public institution organized as a functional structure – functional structure without legal personality and without procedural capacity, with permanent activity, which carries out the decisions of the deliberative authority and the dispositions of the executive authority, solving the current problems of the local community : mayor, deputy mayor, public administrator, mayor’s advisers or persons employed by the mayor’s office and the mayor’s specialized apparatus.

The public administration within the Roșiori de Vede City Hall is organized and operates based on the principles of decentralization, local autonomy, deconcentration of public services, eligibility of local public administration authorities, legality and consultation of citizens in solving local problems of special interest.

The entire activity of the Roșiori de Vede City Hall is organized and led by the Mayor, the departments, services, offices and compartments being directly subordinated to him, the deputy mayor or the secretary.